September 24, 2010

Peace Iced Tea - A Stoner Beverage

Peace Iced Tea is the Hansen Beverage Company's answer to the famous Arizona Iced Tea. It sells for 99 cents, and currently comes in four flavors. Each flavor has it's own unique "can art". The designs, which were created by artist John Malloy, seem to be created to appeal to modern day hippies and stoners.

Snack and Beverage companies have a long history of creating products for potheads. Everybody knows that Funyuns are for stoners. And there is actually a snack called Munchies. That's because snack makers know that we stoners are their best customers. Especially when our munchies take control of our appetites.

Hansen is pretty dedicated to associating their brand of iced tea to a movement of peace. That's pretty cool given that in this day and age peace seems like a childish notion, and basically unachievable. Now when I go to 7-Eleven at 2am looking for some snacks to munch on, I wash it down with some Peace Iced Tea. That's right I'm endorsing this tasty stuff.

Here are some of the original artoworks that are now on the Peace Iced Tea Cans. You can see more here at artist John Malloy's blog.


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