September 21, 2010

Model 419 Pipe - Marijuana Interviews

Baked Life got a chance to interview the makers of the Model 419 pipe. We had to know how they came up with their stainless steel design, and of course we also had some other questions.

1. Why did you guys make this pipe?

We made the Model 419 because we wanted to give people a cleaner way to smoke, while at the same time addressing many of the problems found in common pipes. What we came up with was a unique design that's extremely durable (you can drop it and it won't shatter), extremely easy to clean, and gives users a clean and ash-free smoke.

2. Why the name "Model419"?

Model 419 was born after many years of designs and revisions. Our first pipe looked like a bulky hand grenade while later designs resembled small cans with straight straws. When we got to our 4th design everything began falling into place and we started doing extensive revisions. As we got closer to completion, we realized that we - of course- needed a name. That's when someone came across one of our blueprints and noticed it said Model 4 Revision 19. It just worked itself out from there.

3. What's something special about the Model419 pipe?

It's too tough to narrow it down to any one thing - so we'll have to say the amount of thought and time that we put into it. We designed every part of Model 419 for a specific purpose.

The bowl burns evenly so you don't ever waste your product, and the helical ports spin the smoke through the internal diffuser. This cools the smoke down and eliminates large particles of ash and debris. The smoke then travels through a stainless steel filter that traps particles the size of coal dust.

To keep your hands cool, we gave Model 419 external fins to dissipate the heat from the bowl.

We also gave Model 419 a lid so you can snuff out your bowl when you're not smoking it any longer. It also keeps anything in the bowl from falling out.

We spend countless hours hand-polishing every unit to a mirror finish. This eliminates the need to coat the pipe's surface with any type of material. It's 100% stainless steel - nothing else.

After the polishing we clean each pipe in an ultrasonic bath two times. This removes contaminants on the metal and takes away that "metallic" taste.

Oh, and we can't forget how easy it is to clean. Most of the time you can wipe the residue off with a dry paper towel, no joke! It's that easy. It even surprised us the first time we cleaned one. For the really tough stuff all you need to do is scrub it with a little soap and water. It takes a couple of minutes instead of a couple of hours.

4. What about the marijuana culture inspires Model419?

The creativity of it all.

6. Do you guys read

We just stumbled across it this July and have been visiting ever since.

7. Are you guys going to put out any other products?

We're working on an all titanium version of Model 419. We've heard interest in this from comments on our webpage and the forums, so we thought we'd try doing a limited run to test the market demand. However, titanium is a harder metal to work with and considerably more expensive than stainless steel, so it would cost quite a bit more than it does now. We are also planning on offering an additional mouthpiece to attach to the end of the pipe. It would be made out of plastic and come in a variety of colors.

8. Is there anything new with Model419?

New things happen every day with the Model 419. Many of the changes are so small you can't see them with your bare eyes, but they produce big results. Our product engineer has been working for months fine tuning our work process so we can give Model 419 the best surface finish possible - making it smoother and giving it an even better luster than before. We've also made some changes to the lid so that it's easier for people to take apart and put back together.

9. Why did you choose stainless steel?

We chose stainless steel for the Model 419 because of its many benefits over brass and aluminum, the metals commonly used for metal pipes. Stainless steel is a cleaner material. It won't release toxins while you smoke because it has a higher melting point than the other metals. It also dissipates heat a lot better. This helps keep your pipe and smoke a lot cooler.

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