September 22, 2010

Marijuana Prohibition First Hand in Harlem

This video was filmed by They are a small group, but they're doing their best to shine a light on the injustices they see. This is a good first hand account of what marijuana prohibition is doing to people in America. And it's pretty funny to see how proud the cop is of finding a single joint on the guy, as if that justifies arresting him. - Baked Life

"The incident you see is typical of any night in Harlem and likely the Harlem's of America. It shows a black man being frisked and then arrested when police find 1 joint of marijuana. Even though New York State has decriminalized small amount of weed, this man and countless others who should be receiving a ticket at the most, are being arrested, cuffed, brought to the station and processed." -

"Please take a look at this video because we believe it can get peoples attention and help the debate. It is informative and also entertaining because our founder who filmed the event verbally questions the police procedure leaving them mad and uncomfortable." -


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