September 7, 2010

Grass That's Green - Weed Photo Blog

Grass that's green is a marijuana photo blog that follows the adventures of some college students and the bud they smoke. It's a great snapshot of the reality of pot culture. These guys don't have big bongs or expensive vaporizers, or if they do they much rather prefer small personal glass pieces, spliffs, and blunts.

"Finally I'm free to roll as many spliffs as I want, spend time watching butterflies play at the river, and drink all day long" - Grass Thats Green

"Our munchies have been sweet toothed and juicy and smooth. Nature turns up in every form, and we light allot of candles" - Grass That's Green

The pictures range from weed smoking adventures in the woods, to quite afternoons with pipes smoking and munchies being ingested. After each photo the author includes one line of description, always perfect for the stoner state of mind. This is a fun blog.

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