September 20, 2010

Baked: A Novel by Mark Haskell Smith

Baked, a mystery novel, is the fourth book from edgy Los Angeles author Mark Haskell Smith. It's also the perfect read for a stoner looking to feel really cool for a while. It's a dazzling tale that'll pull you through sharp scenes filled with hard edged descriptions of people, pot, and sex.

40 pages into this book I knew that the next time I slipped into Smith's world it'd be nice to be a little stoned, in an atmosphere of red wine, jazz, and maybe a cigarette. The book's main story follows character Miro Basinas, an experimental botanist with a new strain of marijuana that's about to turn his world upside down. It get's him shot too.

Shamus Noriega, half Irish and half Latino, and Daniel, a Mormon trying to stave off his sexual appetite, work together with man others to fill out the cast with intriguing characters. But it's still all about the pot in this book. When the new wonder weed (that tastes like mangoes) Miro invented is stolen from him, he and all the other characters are sent spinning in a whirlwind tale. This isn't a book about the world of slacker stoners.

"A wickedly funny... blast of a book... featuring a fast moving multi-layered plot, prose that has a smart, jazzy swing, and moments of shivery ease while probing the tender areas of human randomness that crime shocks open.." - Richard Bayner, Los Angeles Times
The book is already on sale and Baked Life is officially and unofficially recommending that you go get it, and not just because we both have the same namesake either. It's a good book and an even better read. Check out Mark Haskell Smith on his web page


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