September 2, 2010 - Fight Off Your Marijuana Munchies sent a batch off their product over to Baked Life for testing. Actually you can get a sample too if you go to their web page. The Anti Munchies dietary supplement works by targeting the same cannabinoid receptors.

Here's the explanation from

How does it work? Your body contains specialized proteins called cannabinoid receptors. The receptors are responsible for hunger regulation. After almost three years of testing (and consuming every type of candy and pizza out there), we came up with a mix of just the right herbal blend to offer maximum munchie relief from the activated cannabinoid receptors.
If you ever need to put a stop to your munchies this is the way to go. Munchies are fun a lot of the time but sometimes eating a whole pizza isn't the best way to spend an afternoon. Anti Munchies seemed to stop my appetite from ever reaching munchie status.


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