August 7, 2010

5 Upcoming Video Games To Play High

Stoners know what it's like to want to sit still for hours, especially after smoking dank marijuana. Well these games go together with couch-lock, like a bottle of Smirnoff in a house of college guys on the weekend. If you're looking for a really fun way to use your time when you are at your least active, there's no better place to look than the video game rack.

5 New Video Games To Play High

1. Super Street Fighter IV: The street fighter legacy eternal. In the newest release of the regime the graphics are better, and there specials are dazzling. Blocking a fire ball, Hadoken, and then countering with a flying uppercut, that is also literally on fire, has never before been so achievable. Imagine you're Keaunea just discovering you "know kung fu", and about a 35 other unique fighting styles. This games is already out.

2. StarCraft II: It took years, it took decades, but the new Starcraft game is out and it's awesome. One things all the games on this list have in common is they look amazing. StarCraft 2 gives you control of armies of units involed in a sort of galactic battle. If you're high you might forget to play to kill, and focus instead on designing a stronghold with a powerful economy, not to say you have to pick one or the other. This game is already out.

3. Halo Reach: Halo is the most consistent first person shooter ever. Games like Call of Duty have added a bunch of customizable character options to expand their gameplay. What Halo has done is expand the collective experience of the game. They throw all their new gadgets, into a huge new arena, and let the players loose to decide who they are in the match. Halo Reach also has a feature called forge which allows players to set up there own maps and game types. Coming in September 2010

4. Fable 3: Sequels are great. When a game busts out new levels of innovation in a unique way, you can't help but wait anxiously for the next installment. Fable games are really well polished RPGs. The levels are gorgeous, the characters are interactive, and the game play is adventurous. The characters in the new game will be even more interesting because you can design them yourself. Then play as your villager and decided if you want to be Good or Evil. Coming October 2010.

5. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock: Guitar Hero blew the doors wide open when they came on the scene. The newest installment promises cooler graphics and the newest music. Soundgarden is releasing their new album with the new game. Music is amazing when you're stoned, so this game must be amazing times 10. Coming September 2010

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