August 4, 2010

Top 5 Marijuana Documentaries

What makes a potumentary great is completely subjective. Unless you know what you're talking about, and we do. So check out this list.

5. Reefer Madness
: 1936 Film,Reefer Madness, is the orginal "potumentary". Watching this movie sums up the essence of the blind fear that is the fuel of marijuana prohibition. Many people today still carry around ridiculous rumors and propaganda against marijuana and believe it is fact. Watch Reefer Madness, and better yet, watch it while you're really stoned.

4. MArijuana Inc:
CNBC's expose on the booming marijuana industry in California took marijuana into mainstream media. It's not new to see pot on tv, but MArijuana Inc was the first honest news report on marijuana to gain wide recognition. Since then National Geographic has included an episode on Marijuana in their series called "Drug Inc", which is also a cool look at the modernization of marijuana.

3. Super High Me:
Famed pot comedian Doug Benson went on a mission to smoke pot for 30 days straight, after being sober for 30 days. What he didn't realize is that he was giving millions of Americans a chance to see exactly what heavy pot use does to a person. In the end we all realized the answer was, it made his jokes different, slightly funnier even.

2. How Weed Won the West: How Weed Won the West is a great view of how pot is taking root in California. The movie is important because it shows us how the future of legalization can already be seen through what's going on in California. The question isn't why should weed be legalized, but how is it going to be legalized.

1. Grass: The History of Marijuana:
There are a lot of movies out there giving you the history of marijuana prohibition, but there's only one narrated by Woody Harrelson. Grass is the best take on the history of Marijuana and American, and the only one you really need to see. Unless you have use for a memory store of hemp anecdotes.


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