August 18, 2010 - Funny Stoner Thoughts

ThatHigh.Com is a website where stoners post up there funny thoughts, or ideas and dare others to agree that they really are "That High". If you like what they have to say you click "puff" and if you don't you can "pass".
"I turned down my T.V because I couldn't taste my macaroni."
- That High

"I searched for 20 minutes and couldn't find the burger I had been eating so I walked 7 blocks to McDonald's to get another one. Only to realize it was in my hand the entire time and i had eaten half of it on the way there..."

- That High

All of the little quotes will have you remembering a time when you were also That High. Alright that's enough with the clever word play, I guess I'm just that high. (last one)

Anyway, the site also has a twitter and they've made the #thathigh trend popular amongst stoner tweeters and the like. They sell cool stickers too. Check them out.


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