August 2, 2010

LunchBudz.Com: Lunch Bags of Weed

There's a pretty cool new product on the market. Think ziploc sandwhich bag filled with weed, because that's what it looks like. Here's a quick note from their maker and the owner of

I'm just getting back to Baltimore from a trip out to Boulder and then San Francisco, and so you can imagine my culture shock in regard to the marijuana scene. I truly love Charm City, but it's a scosche behind the times in a number of respects.

On my trip, I talked with folks at dispensaries, parties, etc., but thought I'd also try going through the web to reach out to a few folks like [] in regard to some products I'm trying to get out there.

My website is LUNCHBUDZ.COM. Certainly the trend toward legalization is moving from the west eastward, albeit slowly (as have so many other social trends), and we'd love to be a partner in the transition.


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