August 19, 2010

Kush Couture: Kush Boys - Marijuana Apparel is style and marijuana fused. Their shirts aren't just weed nugs on tees, they push a lifestyle brand, because being a stoner is a unique lifestyle. Kush Boys is involved with many celebrities, musicians, and the like. If you go to their site you'll recognize the actor who plays Eric Murphy on entourage and Diddy. No wonder they claim to have "Friends in High Places".

"Our mission is to create a high definition fashion brand that exhales an innovative and inspirational lifestyle. Our strengths are rooted from the passions of revolutionary human spirits that pushes themselves to grow and advance towards higher consciousness." - Kush Boys

They're more than just a clothing company, Kush Boys is a lifestyle assistant. They go from music to lip balm, and keep it classy and sexy all the way.

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