August 18, 2010

Green Brothers Crew - Stoner Hip Hop

It's damn hard to find good independently made music about weed. The Green Brothers Crew has just realeased a new single. It's good and it's available for free download on

They've been featured in publications such as Hightimes and Skunk magazine. They having done shows with the likes of Devin the Dude and Slick Rick. The Green Brothers are looking to blaze new paths from Ohio to Southern California and redefine peoples perception of what a green themed group can and should be. Yet make no mistake we still have more fun than should and probably is allowed in 49 of the 50 states.

The Brothers are also working activist battling on the front lines of the legalization movement fighting hard to end marijuana prohibition on Local, State and Federal levels with groups such as Norml, S.S.D.P. and other major players in the green community.


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