August 31, 2010

BC Sweet Tooth - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

The BC part of BC Sweet Tooth stands for British Columbia. You'll notice that the BC prefix is on a lot of different strains of weed. It's because that plant grows well in British Columbia, came from British Colombia, or has some tie with BC.

Sweet Tooth get's it's users very stoned. It's a heavy body feeling that is very good for relaxation of the body. It's also more of the sort of marijuana to leave you stuck on your couch, in front of your Xbox or on Twitter.

Just like it's name Sweet Tooth has a very sugary taste to it when you smoke it. It has sweet aroma too, wich is contradictory to it's Indica genetics. Normally those are traits of a Sativa, the less heavy, more cerbral marijuana.


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