July 8, 2010

Top 9 Riskiest Places To Smoke Weed

This list goes through the riskiest paces to smoke pot. From not that risky, to very risky.

9. City Parks: If a park is big, friendly, or empty enough it can be a nice place to go have a toke. Smaller parks with lot's of little children are usually not good places to smoke.

8. Shopping Center: Shopping center and mall parking lots are filed with stoners smoking bud before they browse, go see a movie, or whatever kids do. They do a good job of avoiding getting caught by the security or any snooping tattle tales, but not all of them.

7. Freeway: Driving down the freeway smoking and listening to good music is awesome. There's also always the danger of a cop seeing you, or someone who likes calling the cops seeing you. Always keep an eye out.

6. Parent's House: Weed is a potent smell. It's hard to smoke it in one room and not have the smell leak through the door, and into the nose of a passer by. Then someone will knock on the door and ask, "what are you doing in there", at that point you're caught. And yes it can happen even if you own Febreeze and blow as far out the window as you can.

5. Public Bathroom: Smoking in a bathroom can be pretty difficult, whether you're in a restaurant, at a sports game, or even on a college campus. There are two things to look for. How many people are in there and out and how's the ventilation. Crowded bathrooms, that have holes leading directly outside, like the ones at stadiums, and parks are the safest. In an indoor bathroom smokers will be flushed out.

4. In Front of a Police Station: Everybody has that friend who swears that smoking pot in front of a police station is somehow magically safe. The logic seems to be paradoxical enough to be a brilliant metaphor, but since we don't live in the world of Harry Potter, it won't work. There's a good chance that if park your car in front of a police station and have a toke, you will get caught.

3. Movie Theater: Only smoke in a movie theater if you are so bored with the movie, that you'd rather be arrested than finish watching it. There's no where for the smoke to go in the theater, someone will smell it.

2. Prison: If you've seen Oz or Shawshank Redemption then you know that it can be dangerous doing anything in prison. If you get caught you might get more time, and what if that's just enough time for you to get you shanked. Just Sayin.

1. Airport/Airplane:
Airport and Airplane security is intense, and for good reason. Being suspected of terrorism isn't worth a few hits. They'll catch you. You probably won't make even make it through the security. But, if you take a few hits before leaving your car, a little cologne and some gum might be enough to get you flying high.

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