July 22, 2010

Reefer Gladness by Michael Konik

This year on 4/20, Michael Konik and the Hunting Press announced the publication of Reefer Gladness, a book of "Stories, Essays, and Riffs on Marijuana"

Stoner literature is a new genre to a lot of people. Though there are a lot of books debunking the myths about marijuana, those books are part of a large group of non-fiction, "Stoner Information" books. Reefer Gladness doesn't fit that bill, it's something new and something stoners who love reading are going to latch on to.

The book is a refreshing blend of marijuana, real life, and well worded observation. Each chapter of the book is a different thought or story. It's great for smoking a bowl and opening up to a new chapter, to bask in the familiar feeling lines on common sense and marijuana references.

Konik makes sure not to over do it when it comes to talking about pot. He doesn't stuff the book with cheesy weed stereotypes and tired anecdotes. Instead, Reefer Gladness is a refreshing look into what the world we live in is like for a pot smoker. Marijuana isn't the defining element in a stoner's life, but it comes up. Konik get's that, he has first hand experience, and he shares it well.

"To thine own self be true", says the sage, and I'm sure he would be happy to see how that idea spreads itself over the pages of this book. A "stoner" is a simple categorization for some who takes the time to light up, but few would give up their identity for their lifestyle. Michael Konik is a great writer and from time to time he smokes some weed; if you were to distill his book on pot into a single question it would be, "So What".

Reefer Gladness goes on sale October 4th, so I'll be gaurding my "advanced reading copy" until then. But you can learn more about Michael Konik, and find him at book signings at MichaelKonik.com.


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