July 2, 2010

Paris Hilton Arrested at World Cup with Marijuana

Paris Hilton was arrested for marijuana possession after attending a World Cup match in South Africa. The arrest occurred just after the Netherlands beat Brazil. She was released soon after, and all charges were dropped.

Paris Hilton proves it, stoners like to watch everything high, from movies to World Cup Matches.

In reality this is a non-story, but it just happened to be a collision between three well known pop culture references. Celebrity arrests are juicy and celebrity marijuana use is entertaining. Add those two together, on top of the biggest sporting event in the world, and you have pretty interesting and inevitably viral phenomena.

This isn't the first time Ms. Hilton has been caught smoking pot. In fact she's quite the pothead. There are numerous videos of her smoking weed all over the internet. Like this one: Paris Hilton Smoking Weed.

Paris Hilton is a certified stoner. Someone Baked Life would be proud to session with. In fact what better time to let Paris now that we're here for her. "Paris, if you ever need someone to burn one down with, we're here for you", Baked Life. That's an official session invitation.

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