July 19, 2010

Marijuana Detox

Every stoner has had to deal with drug tests. Marijuana is one of the easiest drugs to test for because it stays in the human body for up to a month after you smoke it. So what do you do if you are scheduled for a drug test in two days? Well that's when you need to detox, and fast.

The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, is fat soluble. So instead of the drug running it's course and leaving your system, it get's stored with your fat cells and metabolized over time. This means, your weight is a factor for how long marijuana will stay in your system.

Stoner Fact:
If you are smoking weed while gaining weight the THC stored in your fat cells can be stored in your body for months until your burn the fat off.

If your hair or saliva's being tested, there's isn't much you can do. Fortunately if it's saliva as long as you haven't smoked in 24 hours you should be fine. It it's hair, then all you can do is try to shave your head, underarms, and pubic hair. But that'll look really suspicious. There are some shampoo's you can try, Check Here.

Urine tests are a common form of drug tests. Your weight is an important factor in choosing the right detox to help you pass a drug test. There are three main forms of detox for a urine test.

A common form of marijuana detox is Niacin, which is basially just a type of Vitamin B. Niacin dialates capillaries and blood vessels. The increased blood flow makes it easier for the toxin deposits to be flushed out, even if they are deep in fatty tissue. Learn More About Niacin.

There are a large number of drinks and powders that will help you flush your system. Some you drink hours before your test, others weeks before. If you want something that you know will work DON'T buy it online. Go to your local smoke shop tell them your situation, then do what they say. They'll know what'll work.

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