July 20, 2010

Drugs Inc: Marijuana - National Geographic

Drugs Inc: Marijuana


"Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug on the planet. To many, it’s an evil weed, but to some, it’s a sacred herb, even a lifesaver. For decades the global supply was controlled by criminals, but now a quasi-legal industry worth billions of dollars is booming. Visit growers in Holland and Jamaica who are leading a horticultural revolution in high-grade cannabis, hear from users consuming for medicinal purposes, go inside the “Green Rush” of medical marijuana in cities across the U.S. and see how violent cartels in Mexico use marijuana to finance criminal enterprises."

Clippers harvest buds for the United Cannabis Ministry. They get paid in cannabis for their work. (© Wall to Wall Media)

National Geographic has a new show called Drugs Inc. It has a fascinatingly close up look on marijuana culture, science and history. Though, it is strange to lump only heroin, cocain, meth, and marijuana together. They should include looks at pharmaceuticals, designer drugs, psychedelics, and even coffee and alcohol.

Video “Medical Mary Jane”Medical marijuana use is thriving in California, where patients use it for everything from fibromyalgia to AIDS.

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