July 13, 2010

Cannasutra - Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrid

Cannasutra is an Indica dominant hybrid. It contains 70 % Indica traits and 30 % Sativa traits. Indicas are the type of marijuana that makes you tired and has more potent physical effects, but this is a hybrid, and it usually produces a relaxing high not a super stone.

Cannasutra is a seductive and beautiful as it's name. The buds are usually completely covered in crystals. Light glistens off the curled up leaves and hairs. If you are looking at a nug of Cannasutra, you should know it by the unique coloring it appears to have. A color range from orange to purple or blue.

The Sativa genetics really show in this strain. It's very sweet and flavorful. The high is slow rising, and is never so intense as to put you out of commission. It might even liven up a midly social night, or allow you extra motivation to get some work done.

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