June 23, 2010

Stoner Photography

Stoners have their own culture. There are movies that are made just for stoners, there are comedians that tell stoner jokes, there are magazines, websites, etc all just for people who enjoy marijuana. Individual artists, writers, and entrepreneurs have been at the forefront of finding ways to blend marijuana, media, and art.

Seeing photos, videos etc, of and about weed from all around America, and all around the world is helping to make people more comfortable with pot. Websites like flickr, youtube, vimeo and other sites that allow people to publish their media are making it easier for everyone in the world to be honest about their lives.

Weed is so taboo that images of it have been excluded from it from mainstream media. Still, stoners have found a way to get media that treats their weed as typical and entertaining instead of criminal.

BakedLife.com has been getting involved with stoners who are inspired by their "pothead" lifestyle to be creative. Together with OneSpiritMedia.com, we've been working together with photographers and other creative people, who aren't afraid to talk about pot use or to use it in their art.

These photographers take an honest look about pot. It's not about whether marijuana is good or evil. It's a part of their lives. They just use their talent of observation to artistically represent what is a regular part of millions of people's lives. These pictures and other pictures from them encourage us to be more honest with ourselves and less extremist and judgmental.

To see more about these guys and other photographers like them. Visit some of the links below.

Stoner Culture BL - Flickr.com Group

OSM Photography - OneSpiritMedia.com

OSM Photography - Flicker.com Group

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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