June 24, 2010

Free Give Away - Smokewire.com

SmokeWire Online Head Shop

The Free Give Away Is Here

To Celebrate the opening of their website SmokeWire.com decided to give away 10 Glass Pipes for FREE!

Yes, that's right: You can get one of these free handmade glass pipes for free, simply by blogging/ Tweeting about our site http://www.smokewire.com

The best 10 posts will receive one of these 2 glasspipes completely FREE!

Free Inside out Bubbler

Free Bong

To Participate, simply blog, tweet, or post about our website on your blog, website, twitter page, facebook page or ANYWHERE else!

Then Drop SmokeWire.Com a message and send in the URL of the post you made about SmokeWire!

Dont forget to mention wich pipe you want for free: The Bubbler or the Waterpipe!

Its as simple as that!

The winners will be notified on 30 Jun of this year, so hurry if you want to participate!

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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