June 30, 2010

EdsTNT.com - Interview with Ed

This a great interview between Baked Life and EdsTNT.Com. Ed shares what's behind his business, his marijuana, and his love of the art of wood working.

What's your favorite thing about marijuana?

"It’s the taste it leaves in my mouth, the flavor of good herb on my lips,
the positive feeling it gives me, to get shit done!

What is "Ed's TnT"?
Ed’s TNT is all me, I offer choice Wooden Pipes and Dugouts from the

world’s finest and rarest woods. I do all my own work here from web to wood. Being the only
guy, I can assure the quality of the pieces and insure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase, if not, I can handle any problem, issue, or concern they may have myself with no one else getting in the way.

Why'd You Open "Ed’s TnT"? My old man is a burn out hippie from back in the day; he made beautiful handmade pipes for himself and friends for years. I grew up watching them passing his pieces around, I remember thinking hey I can do that, so I started doing it and my friends all had to have one. I got the big idea that others might like my work, so I learned how to build website sand such, went global, and after a year of no sales, I finally started to get a couple orders here, a couple there, got a review in SKUNK Magazine(thank you MAMA KIND)as well as High Times Magazine, business started to pick up, began building relationships and even got the only Wooden Pipes & Dugouts on the set of ShowTime’s hit show “WEEDS” in the dispensary the guys had open this past season. I wanted to offer a one of a kind quality piece that is made here in the US that others could enjoy. My old man said that all he wanted to do was retire and smoke a joint sitting on the front porch, he’s got Parkinson’s now and his condition won’t allow him to make those pipes anymore and the medication he takes won’t allow him to smoke that joint on the front porch!

Do you read BakedLife.com? I found out about BakedLife just last week, they are very
informative, and cover a lot of ground. I look forward to working with them and learning more about the following here and making way for better dayz.

What's the most important thing for customers to know about you? I want them to know that I am the real deal, I do what I do, the best I can, I stand behind all my work, and by all means if you have questions, please ask!

Who thought of the name of your shop? I came up with the name. I am all about tote’n my stash neatly and discreetly in my pocket, cause you never know what may come your way or when you can get back to home base, so you better prepare for the worst and pack more than you need, cause it might be a long night and nothing makes a long night shorter than being high!

Are you looking forward to marijuana legalization in California, It will increase your customer base? I am looking forward to it, I have been to Amsterdam so I got a feel for how it works there, and I am hoping that it is similar. I want it to be a success, I don’t want it to be taken advantage of by some bad apples and be stopped as soon as it got started. If it does go legal, there has to be a lot of thinking done to make it work. There has to be limits on everything, there doesn’t need to be a dispensary on every corner or just blocks away from schools. If California is going to do this, they have to do it right. And yes I think it will increase my customer base, everyone needs a wooden pipe or dugout to tote their stash around in that is the BOMB!

Do you now or will you ever own a physical smoke shop? I don’t think so, I have a couple acres here in the rural southern Mississippi, I have a dirt road that is a half mile from my house that will get you as lost as you can get, there aren’t any mail boxes or even any power poles on it, I like the fact that no one knows where I am at and no one stops by to say hello, my kids have a dirt bike and a 4wheeler, they ride as much as they want. I like the quiet life, I write what I want from town on a list and the wife picks it up when she goes!

Is there anything else you'd like us to know? Working wood isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s a passion! Hunting for rare and exotic woods is like finding a vein of gold in the mountains; it’s like discovering a beautiful gem that no one else has ever seen. All my wood is natural just as Mother Nature intended, the lumber and blocks I get are just lumber and blocks until I begin working them, then I bring out their inner beauty and create something that is unique, useful, and beautiful every time. No matter what, no two pieces are ever the same, and when finished they are just as Mother Nature intended!

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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