June 5, 2010

College Stoner - Weed Trend

Before the medical marijuana patient took weed into the mainstream, college campuses were one of the few places where weed felt really accepted. More than accepted, at home. Beers, bowls and blunts are passed around with almost equal frequency at college parties.

With the exception of the occasional high pitched voice in the corner, complaining about "the smoke", the party scene rarely objects to pot. Even on campus wafts of weed smoke aren't too rare. UC Berkeley is well known for the constant weed smell in hot spots adjacent to the campus.

Why is marijuana is so popular in college? Even in Japan, college students have been protesting prohibition, and the numbers of arrests for possession are on the rise. In American colleges marijuana use slowed in the 80s, but has been rising quickly since the 90s.

"Study high, take the test high, get high grades", is the motto of some students, though most agree studying is pretty hard when you're stoned. Colleges are a haven for culture, and on campus many taboos are turned on their head.

The media and advertisers have done all they can to capitalize on the pot market. The snacks Munchies, did it well and have created a stoner favorite. Movies like Pineapple Express, The Wackness, Adventureland and other movies for young people have also been increasing the pot content in their movies.

It seems inevitable that this generation of college students is going to grow into the most pot friendly generation yet. Weed won't be everywhere but it isn't going to be hidden for much longer either.

It'll be on TV, in movies, and probably legal in a large part of the world including most of America. In the end though, people will probably care a lot less about pot too, because as most college students already know; Weed just isn't that big a deal.

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