May 17, 2010

VNHC Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Van Nuys

15333 Sherman Way Unit G
Van Nuys, Ca. 91406

(818) 687-0080

Mon - Sat: 10a - 9p, Sun: 12p - 9p

The guys at VNHC are very cool and professional. This dispensary has three rooms inside. The front lobby, the waiting lobby, and the back room. The waiting lobby has comfy couch's and nice tv's, but it's all about what they keep in the back, great weed.

The back room at VNHC is a clean well lit room. In the middle of the room, between you and your budtender, is a simple glass case. Their entire selection sits on top of the case in the sort of air tight jars rich people keep their cereal in. They also have edibles in a small fridge and a good assortment of cheap but very stylish pieces.

There is always a gift for new patients and whoever brought them. If you get a joint you're in for a really good day at the beach. Check these guys out!!

Price Range: $15 (for shake) to $50 (kushes & og's) per 1/8,
prices change with quantity

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