May 27, 2010

Stoners Say, I'm With Coco

Fans of Conan O'brien were pretty ticked off when Jay Leno took back his spot on the Tonight Show. It was bad enough he'd stayed on sapping Conan's ratings, but knocking him off the air meant war. The battle cry, "I'm With Coco", gathered all of Conan's fans to show their support. Most of them via the internet.

Weed is popular with the online audience and also with the Late Night television audience. So it's reasonable to assume potheads were in the mix. The "I'm With Coco" club had millions of members online. They Tweeted, and they Facebook'ed, Dugg and discussed the injustice on countless web forums, videos, etc; then they all sighed a sigh of joy when they heard he'd be back.

Conan landed himself a gig with TBS. Four nights a week, he'll come on, and hilarity will ensue. His show doesn't start till November 8th and he can't do TV until then. So, he's gone on the road to do stand up while he's legally prohibited from being funny on television. The tour is called "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour".

It seems like times are good for Conan. Sure he lost his spot on the Tonight Show, but it wasn't right for him anyway. He has a chance to be something bigger, the redhead, white male version of Oprah. At a time when too few people are telling the truth or making sense his loyal followers would hugely appreciate that.

A show with the just the Conan O'brien writers, temporarily called the "Team Coco Presents Conan's Writers", will start in June. To be honest, "I'm With Coco", means we're literally with Conan O'brien, so a show with just his writers isn't nearly the same, but we can wait till November.


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