May 13, 2010

Pollen Press - Ganja Gadgets

Pollen Press

Pollen Presses are the Ganja Gadget every stoner should get after a grinder. If you save up enough keif from all the weed you grind up, a pollen press will turn that powder into a convenient and smokeable mini brick.

If you have a quality grinder it'll have a part in the bottom seperated by a screen. When you grind up weed the crystals and fine bud dust will drop down into that chamber. That powder is what is called keif or keef.

The pollen press uses two caps to pressurize keef put into it's center. The caps push in on two opposing solid cylinders, closing the space in between them. If you put your keef in that spot and turn the caps you'll have a very dense and potent brick of almost pure THC.

To use it simply collect your pollen, remove one pin and put your pollen in the middle. Once in the press, place the removed pin back in the press and screw the lid closed. For best results, let sit overnight allowing pollen to ferment together and form a hard mass. Remove from the press and enjoy! Nice to give as a present to your friends.

The pollen grinder sold from is great quality for it's price. This is an item you'd expect to be double maybe even triple it's price.

Go to Grass City to get this Pollen Grinder
It's Only $8.34



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