May 12, 2010

Missionaries, Mexico, and Marijuana

Baked Life recently received an email from a missionary named Andrew, prompting us to shed a light on the affect the illegal trade of marijuana is having in Mexico. Murder and chaos are flowing through the streets there. Instead of trying to tell you the facts of the situation, Baked Life is going to pass on Andrew's letter. So you can read a first hand account.

My wife and I are missionary teachers at a middle school close to Monterrey, Mexico. I can't find the best adjective to describe things here. This month has been the bloodiest month in the history of Monterrey and it's not even over yet. I always hear things from people or news about another handful of people who were murdered and it's worse in Juarez, Mexico with already 600 murdered this year and more than 2,600 last year.

I have been thinking on what can be done about all this violence short of legalizing it in the USA, which I have no say over, and Anheuser Busch really wants to prevent. My best idea was to tell all my smoking friends to grow their own, or better yet talk to some marijuana advocates and try to get as many people on board.

As a former 5 year pot smoker I understand the enthusiasm for marijuana. I know that there is nothing like sitting on a porch smoking a joint watching the rain or a sunset. I also know that most users take a stance against violence rather than for it. If the word spread about how many people lose their lives, innocent or not, so Americans can get high I think it would make a difference and maybe folks would get creative about concealing plants from the police and growing their own.

Keep coming back to to hear more from Andrew and his wife.

Glenn Beck On Legalization to Help Mexico in a video on Youtube.Com
*Glenn Beck is not someone who usually agrees with


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