May 20, 2010

Mexico's President Talks Drugs, Arizona Immigration Law, and Violence

Legalizing marijuana has become a matter of debate between Mexico the White House and the public; but the biggest news out of Mexico recently has been about death. The drug war violence hasn't gone down at all. Mexico's President, Felipe Calederon hasn't wasted anytime in letting the Public and America know what he thinks the best step forward is.

Legalizing marijuana is a fast way to cut down the motivation for much of the violence in Mexico. If pot were legal the drug cartels wouldn't be making money from it any more. Legitimate seller would only buy from legitimate growers in a process regulated by the government and the free and legal market.

If that's true then why is it that both Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon are against it. It's like the blind are leading those who can see. Countless officials, strategists and a majority of the American public all agree that it's time to legalize pot, but the two leaders of the two countries suffering most from American prohibition of marijuana are the ones who won't end it.

The two presidents met to talk recently and agreed that the new law in Arizona is unjust because it will lead to racial profiling, and it's anti-immigration. They're right. The new law in Arizona is a waste of time, and the longer it lasts the more resources it will drain. It will tear apart families and still won't stop the violence in Mexico. What else destroys lives, waste government resources, and doesn't solve any problems, Marijuana Prohibition.

The violence in Mexico will not stop as long as there is something to fight over. Even if both governments found a way to kill every member of the drug cartels over night, there would be more in the morning. The drug cartels are in operation because there is money to be made supplying a demand for Marijuana.

Normally, the open market would supply the demand of consumers, but because marijuana is illegal only violent gangs will take up the task. And just like companies do their best to get the most customers through innovation, drug cartels do there best to get the most customers by killing their competition and anyone who gets in the way.

If Obama and Calderon really want to stop the murder and waste that is happening in both of their countries, America will have to move pot back into the legal market where it belongs.


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