May 14, 2010

Marijuana Jobs - Weed Could Create Jobs

This November California is going to decide whether or not to legalize marijuana. It's been a long time coming. Marijuana's been walking down a long road to legalization. When medical marijuana became legal the general public were shown an example of how marijuana is good for two really big things, enriching life and creating jobs.

The marijuana industry has been flourishing for years. In California areas like Humboldt and and Mendocino county have local economies that are fueled and supported by the sales earned by their pot growers. Mendocino county is said bring in over 1 billion dollars per year.

Even though marijuana has been boosting the American economy for a while now, it's just now taking it to the next level on the back of the Medical Marijuana movement. Now that California can do it's business in the open, we're seeing that marijuana has the potential to be the biggest boost to California commerce since the dot com era.

In Oakland, the medical marijuana industry already supplies the government with 11 million dollars a year in taxes. In Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries are more numerous than Starbucks'. Marijuana is revitalizing California's economy. The only thing keeping it from being an even larger industry are the laws that still keep it locked up.

Opponents to marijuana legalization say there is a long list of reasons not to legalize marijuana. They talk about the damage pesticides and garbage do the environment and the dangers of drug gangs and cartels. What they don't realize is, if marijuana was legalized all of these problems would fade away.

During alcohol prohibition, gangs flourished selling illegal alcohol and violence ensued. Today we would never imagine there being an element of violence associated and definitely not in control of the alcohol industry. The same will happen with pot once it's legalized. Growers and sellers will operate legitimate businesses regulated by the government. The pesticides and ecological damage would be monitored and also regulated. Most of all, our economy would reap the benefits, our government would reap the taxes, and many people would be employed in the process.

Even now marijuana is growing not just through dispensaries and growers but even through marijuana related start ups. Marijuana related websites are getting more traffic than ever. Glass artists are having there demand increased, along with anyone else who sells stuff stoners need. If we let it happen, or better yet, take the power to make it happen marijuana can spread a little wealth and peace around the world.

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