May 21, 2010

Kushage - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrid

Kushage is a Hybrid marijuana strain. It contains %60 Sativa and %40 percent Indica. This is one of those marijuana strains a lot of people really like to keep picking up. It's reliable and is a good standard if you just want something you know you'll like. It's a cross between O.G. Kush and Sage so it definitely has the right genetics.

Kushage is a good looking little buddy. The nugs are usually mediumly dense. The leaves are normally in the middle range, but you'll notice some leaves are much darker or lighter than others. The nugs are always coated in a thin, tasty looking layer of resin. Which covers it's thin, mangled orange hairs.

Kushage has the smell and taste of a strain that has more indica qualities. The aroma is like a dank hash with the volume turned down. The taste is pretty much the same. Depending on it's freshness you might not taste much at all. The high is right down the middle. You get an equal blend of sativa and indica affects. Kushage is a really well balanced bud.


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