May 10, 2010

Japanese Kit Kat Bars - Otaku Toker's Munchies

In Japan Kit Kat Bars range in flavor from soy sauce and giner ale, to creme brulee and bananas. Japanese culture is always in enjoyable contrast to American lifestyles.

Japan has a big thing for convenience stores, the stores are as numerous as marijuana dispensaries in L.A. Each one of these stores is a pot head's paradise. Think how great it would be to have 19 different flavors of your favorite candy when the munchies hit.

The convenience stores are so efficiently competitive that the operators are constantly demanding new things and larger varieties for their customers. Unfortunately, Japan has an extremely strict marijuana policy, so there aren't as many stoners to enjoy the variety.

Japanese news channels openly discus legalization's pros and cons, and bring up Japan's ancient relationship with cannabis and hemp, but the government isn't moving forward with pot any time soon.

Flavors of Kit Kat Bars in Japan include apple, wine, green tea, and even wasabi.


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