May 6, 2010

Italian Hemp Backpack

Hemp Backpack
Hemp Backpack from

Price: $ 48.41

Sales of hemp products have been rising steadily. Namely because hemp can be made into so many things. It's definitely also because potheads like buying stuff that's made out of hemp.

These Italian made backpacks are %55 Hemp and %45 percent Cotton. Each has a waterproof lining inside. Adjustable and strap styles, and a button on removable leaf badge on the front. It also comes with three key ring holders on the front.

Owning and using hemp products is a point of solidarity amongst stoners and hemp enthusiasts. Getting a Hemp Backpack is worth it for the style, the quality hemp fibers, and the knowledge that your money was well spent.

Grasscity.Com has a number of good products and they're always looking to serve their customers well. Check out this Backpack on their website, you'll want to buy it when you do, but that's the point.

Hemp Backpack $48.41



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