May 19, 2010

Hemp is Healthy

Everyone is struggling to be healthy. We're always looking for ways to balance our diets, and supply our bodies nutritional needs. Now more than ever we're discovering that what we eat has a dramatic effect on our health. It isn't just about eating too much or too little that matters, it's also about what we eat.

Americans especially have taken to eating a lot of things that are very bad for their bodies. It wasn't until recently that most people started caring more about what the food they eat is doing to their bodies. In the struggle to get what's good for us and leave out the rest, Hemp seed has the power to be a great source of what we need.

Hemp Seed can be turned into oil, flour, eaten alone, or even turned into hemp milk. Hemp Dream is a brand of hemp milk that's entered the main stream and sells along side soy milk at Wal-Mart. This simple plant is proving to be as versatile as it is beneficial.

The fatty acids and amino acids in Hemp are not perfectly proportioned they are also the best combination for the needs of the human body. Science is starting to show that if people got more of the type of nutrition hemp seeds contain they would like be resistant to a wide range of illness.

Hemp seed is turned into all sorts of food products these days. It is being recognized as the single most complete and balanced source of fatty acids, proteins and amino acids available to humans. Hemp seed's perfect nutritional content is so beneficial it's practically medicinal.

In 2006 New York set a new precedent when they banned trans fats from their restaurants. That was the start of a food movement that's continued up till now, inspiring many attempts at finding a way to change.

TV shows like Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart regularly use their shows to showcase healthy and balanced eating styles. Renown "Naked Chef" Jamie Oliver's show Food Revolution takes him into an American city suffering from a nutrition crisis, there he challenges himself to do his part to change their food culture.

It's not just here in America. Our modern age has put vast amounts of information at the finger tips of the masses. People are learning that their bodies function better if they treat them better. In the search for the best thing for our bodies, Hemp has a secure spot. It's one of the easiest plants to grow and seems to be have been engineered for our body's benefit. Hemp is very healthy.

All over the world Hemp has been cultivated for years. It's ingrained in most cultures. Japanese, Chinese, and other asian cultures have been eating it and using it for textiles before they had a sophisticated written language. Even the founders of America grew hemp and held it in high regard.

Unfortunately, during America's development selfish business men who were afraid of the impact hemp sales would have on their own profit have found ways to make and keep hemp illegal to grow in America. But "Times are a changing", and it's still pretty easy to find hemp products imported from other countries.

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