May 12, 2010

Glenn Beck, Barack Obama, and Marijuana

Glenn Beck and the Fox News gang usually stand against President Barack Obama on everything that makes sense. So it's weird that on the issue of marijuana legalization, Glenn Beck agrees with Obama, and with most of America. Marijuana should be legalized, and not doing so is hurting America.

In one of his shows Glenn Beck states outright, that he believes marijuana should be legalized, for reasons including the detrimental effect it's having on Mexico. Mexican drug cartels are making huge amounts of money from illegal drug trade, and much of that is spent wreaking violent havoc on the citizens of Mexico.

It's nice to hear that Glenn Beck hasn't traded in all of his commonsense for stupid gags, ignorant gaffs, or to misrepresent facts for the sake of the GOP. It would be nice if Obama would stand more firmly on the side of legalization, in words at least if not in action. Obama's administration put a stop to Federal raids on marijuana dispensaries, but legalization is the goal and nothing less will satisfy the public, or solve their problems.

Beck has discussed legalizing marijuana more than once on his show, and even invited MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) director Rob Campi on his show and allowed him to present the case for marijuana legalization. Unfortunately every time Beck talks, he's forced by either contract or his biology, to make stupid points, loudly repeat his confusion, and just say incorrect things without regard.

Fox News has to be wrong all the time, and ignore as many facts as possible. Barack Obama has to focus on our country's most pressing needs, and speak for the public. It seems like no one can save American and Mexican lives, time and money and put and end to marijuana prohibition. So we'll just keep waiting.


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