May 26, 2010

Endless Sky, Indica Marijuana - Strain Encyclopedia

Endless Sky is an Indica Marijuana, well basically. It actually has 10% Sativa genetics, in with the 90% Indica genetics. When a plant has genetics with one much more dominant, it shows the characteristics of the dominant genetics. Endless sky is a really "stony" Indica.

The plant has medium to light colored buds. That could be the Sativa genetics showing through a little. The leaves are coated with crystals and covered with with curls of orange hairs. You know that feeling you get when you want to pop a bud in your mouth? Endless sky looks that tasty and crunchy.

The smell reflects it's mostly Indica heritage. It's like a mild hash. It has dark and earthy aroma and flavor. It always smells like it was just harvested from an organic farm. Endless Sky will get you stoned, but it doesn't really have that heavy feeling. Instead it will make everything feel like pillows, and let your mind float around.


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