May 15, 2010

Ambrosia - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrid

Ambrosia the marijuana strain is a Hybrid. It's genetics are split equally, half Sativa and half Indica. Hybrid marijuana strains are always a treat. Blending genetics produces glorious combinations. It's no wonder this potent mix was given the name of the food of the gods from Greek mythology.

Ambrosia's appearance displays it's Sativa traits. The leaves are a light green color, short and curly. The buds can be pretty dense, but it will depend on the age of the bud. The only element of it's Indica heritage that's visible is the slight purple tint of it's leaves. Ambrosia also has orange hairs and is often covered in tasty looking crystals.

The Sativa traits of this marijuana strain don't stop at it's appearance. The taste and smell from this bud are light and sweet. The smoke is fruity and also has hints of skunky musk. The type of high that Ambrosia supplies is good for an active stoner. It'll give you a boost of energy and make your mind feel more active.


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