April 5, 2010

The Real Potheads of Norh Hollywood

Baked Life had the chance to ask Mike Tsirklin from the new pothead sitcom, "The Real Potheads of North Hollywood" a few questions about the show. Here's what we got out of him.

Check back later for the Baked Life Review of the show's pilot.

What's your show about?

"The Real Potheads of North Hollywood," is a social satire that follows the life of four potheads and their square friend. Shot in a mock-reality style, this show follows the daily lives and misadventures of these 21st Century Slackers. From running out of weed to discovering a strain of marijuana that turns women into lesbians, you’ll never know what happens next in North Hollywood.
The Characters are:

Darrell "The Dealer"
Darrell is a ladies man, even though he never graduated from High School. He has an extensive list of celebrity customers that regularly drop by to make a buy.

Marx - "The Conspiracy Theorist"
Marx went to film school, but didn't finish because he claims that if he did graduate, the government would force him to make propaganda movies for the machine. Instead Marx focuses all of his time and energy on his extremely popular blog where he’s known as “Matrix Marx.”

Dan - "The OCD Germaphobe"
Dan is deathly afraid of dying and getting sick. He fears everything from flowers to orgies. He is secretly and totally in love with Gene’s Sister. Dan is the stoner Howard Hughes.

Buddha - "The Spiritual Guru"
Buddha made millions investing in "The Secret." He's the spiritual guide to the other guys. In his spare time he runs a
Meditation/Masturbation class, where he teaches his class to let go of “everything. “

Gene - "The Square"
Gene went to school with Marx and used to smoke weed. Now he only hangs out so that he can be on TV and doesn't really like the guys or what they stand for. Gene is secretly or not so secretly trying to get his own TV show.

Gene’s Sister
Gene’s sister is the reality version of Hilary Clinton. She’ll do anything to become famous even using Dan’s crush on her.

K-Train is Darrell's oldest customer and has a tendency to show up when you least expect it.

Why did you make your show?
Well, we were looking for a follow up to our popular web-series "You've been Boyle'd," where Susan Boyle pranks unsuspecting people. We're all potheads and Mike became obsessed with "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." He thought why not "The Real Potheads" and we kind of went from there. It kind of snowballed into what it is. People liked the idea and wanted to donate time and craft to our project. We also thought that with the rise of dispensaries in Los Angeles and the constant debate in the media about whether or not to legalize marijuana, it was the right time to create a series and bring the debate to a sitcom.

What are some cool things people should know about your show?
The pilot has some great cameos, including Kato Kaelin aka the K-Trainand Ron Jeremy. We also have in the pilot: Roberta Valderrama ("10items or less" and "Valentine's day"), Freddie Roach ( famed boxingtrainer), Matt Iseman ("Clean House" and "Sports Soup"), and the YuanTwins ("Observe and Report"). Also series regulars have been seen before Adam Hunter ("Last Comic Standing") and Ramsey Moore ("Gamer", "Kimmel", and "Punk'd") This is a show that pokes fun at srs and squares alike.

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