April 23, 2010

Durga Mata - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

Durga Mata is named for a Hindu Goddess, who represents strength and purity. Her job was to destroy demons and lead humans to truth and enlightenment. With such a powerful namesake this strain has a lot to live up to. It is a potent Indica strain, so it will definitely get you stoned.

Durga is known for it's high resin content, and that's why it's the favorite of many growers. It is reliably potent. It's not very dense. The medium dark leaves curl out from the center, each one covered in heaps of crystals.

It smells and tastes earthy and spicy. The flavor will remind you of hash, with a little sweetness. The aroma is mellow. The smoker will really enjoy this as a late afternoon or early evening smoke. It's good or complete relaxation, and won't completely shut you off, or stick you to your couch.

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