April 13, 2010

Color Changing Spoon Pipe - BL Review

Colored and Fumed Spoon $58.00

Grass City is selling this color changing glass spoon for $58.00.

Pipes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. When looking for the right one, the main elements to watch for are style, shape and weight or glass thickness. This pipe has a deep bowl and thick glass swirled with blended colors that change over time. Pretty Cool.

Pieces are important. At the very least a pipe is what you smoke out of, but it's also a piece of art. The first piece you buy will always have sentimental value, even long after it's broken, and if it's glass it will almost definitely break eventually.

The bowl on this spoon is pretty large. If you ever pack it to it's peak you'll probably be flying pretty high. One good thing to remember is to buy screens for your pieces. It's no fun to get a mouthful of ash.

Go get this piece and start or add to your collection of cool glass art... that you smoke out of.

Colored and Fumed Spoon $58.00

Check out this Wooden Pure Pipe for only $4.09 too. Wood pipes are cool and unique. Not to mention low cost.


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