April 14, 2010

Burnin Tree Smokeshop in Lancaster - Buds Directory

44227 20TH ST. WEST


Burnin Tree is a cool smoke shop tucked away in the dark corner of a small town. It's the sort of smokeshop that's vital to it's community. It's in a town where most of the smokeshops are traditional tobacco shops, catering mostly to cigar smokers.

Burning Tree has a two room layout that's packed with essentials and luxuries for the stoner lifestyle. They carry up to date clothing and accessories. The stores owners are really in touch with pot culture.

Their front door, street sign and entire store is covered with stickers from other pot compoanies, slothing companies, skater logos and a bunch I couldn't identify. The shop even sponsors a stoner night at the local bowling alley.

Burnin Tree is a stoners paradise in the desert.
Afroman is going to be at Burnin Tree on April 20th, 2010, Happy 420

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