April 20, 2010

420 at Baked Life

Happy 420 everyone. Keep Smoking all day. There are a bunch of festivals, concerts, parties, and get togethers going on today. All the people involved have two things on their mind. Feel Good and Smoke Pot.

Ozomatli has their new album coming out today, and are celebrating by playing at Amoeba in Hollywood. Afroman is going to be playing at Burnin Tree in Lancaster, CA. Countless dispensaries are throwing great 420 parties, and having sales.

This 420 is especially important because of the huge progress the marijuana movement has been making lately. Many people are celebrating more openly than ever. And many are people are finally celebrating legally as medical marijuana patients.

So go crazy today. Get together with some friends and get really really high. Enjoy what pot means to you. Enjoy what marijuana does for your life. This is a real holiday in the hearts of the stoner community, so have at it.

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