March 2, 2010

What Doesn't Sex Sell - Sex in [Pot] Culture

In our post Sexism in Pot Culture, we talked about whether or not sex dominates marijuana culture, media and advertising. Advertisers use pictures of nearly nude girls an so do big name magazines. High Times has even had porn stars, like the infamous Tera Patrick, on their cover.

Sex is definitely a part of pot culture, but they're not the only one's who use it. In fact you'd never guess what industries use porn stars to amplify their message (unless you already looked at the image).

PETA, that's right the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, had "adult film star" Sash Grey stand with them for animal birth control.

Albiet, Sasha Grey is not your average porn starlet. She made waves when she wast cast in the 2009 Steven Soderbergh film, "The Girlfriend Experience".

Pot culture get's a bad rap for using sex to gain the interest of their readers. Maybe the few growing business in marijuana media and advertising do use too much naked hotness, but they're definitely not the problem.

Our society has a backwards relationship with sex. Years of prude restrictions have stunted our progression towards sexual maturity. Internet porn is now a billion dollar industry, while lifestyles that discover the full beauty of sex and sexual relationships are far from the spotlight.

How many people study tantric sex, kama sutra positions, or are able to discuss their sexual maturity with depth. Until we get to the point where porn is no longer our most popular source of sexual knowledge, we'll still see sex skewed in media, advertising, daily conversations, and even in our own minds.

Exposure to sex is more beneficial than it is harmful. At some point we'll get over the images and video, then we'll start learning how to appreciate sex on a higher plane. Or maybe we'll all go to hell.


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