March 2, 2010

Sweet Island Skunk - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Sativa

Sweet Island Skunk, which also goes by Island Sweet Skunk and SIS, is a Sativa dominant. It could also be classified as a hybrid.

So if you're ever in the tropics and a strange man asks for some of your "sweet island skunk" now know he could be talking about weed. Or maybe he's not and you should run.

SIS has big buds. The nugs are soft but they also feel dense. It has thick orange hairs that wind the whole thing up into a nice green package. The crystals aren't as noticeable on Sweet Island Skunk, but you can see a shiny glaze on the leaves.

There are a smorgasbord of flavors when you light this one up. You will feel like a fine wine connoisseur, trying taste the hints of skunk, fruity sweetness, and chemical overtones. The smell is also really strong.They don't call it skunk for nothing.

After the smoke clears there is a stimulating cerebral high, which progress into a relaxing body high. It's not the type of weed to immobilize you physically, but it is strong enough to make a couple hours disappear.


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