March 29, 2010

Legal Marijuana in California?

This year Californians are going to vote to decided whether or not their state should legalize marijuana.

The idea of marijuana being legal has been little more than a pipe dream or years now. In a political climate where it's tough to get most anything done, trying to get lawmakers to stick their necks out for pot seemed impossible. That is until medical marijuana began rising in legitimacy and ideas of pot revenues changed the game.

It's official now. In November citizens of California will be able to vote to allow pot use by adults over the age of 21. The initiative got enough votes so it's up to the people to decide what's right. Support is coming from law enforcement and pot activists. There are also a number of people looking at the financial benefits.

It's estimated that pot would bring in a billion dollars for California every year in taxes. For a state that's negative twenty billion dollars it'll be a hard opportunity to pass up.

The initiative isn't going to pass with flying colors though. There's a fair amount of opposition expected and some that isn't. Pot growers in Humboldt County are actually opposing the bill. They say legalization would put them out of business.

We'll see what happens in November. Until then the propaganda will fly and we'll e in for a really interesting 2010.


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