March 15, 2010

Growing Outdoors Part 2 - Baked Life Grower

Read: "Growing Outdoors - Looking Around" First.

Now that you have the perfect place to grow your plants, your gonna need some plants, duh. There are a couple different ways to start.

One way is to just plant the seeds and pray to marijuana gods that they grow. This is by far the easiest method, but the more effort you put into your plants the more you will be rewarded. If you look sometimes you can find seeds in your marijuana, save them and you'll save money. That way if none of them grow no money was wasted. If you do decide to do this, you should first wet a small area where the seed is going to be planted so that the soil is damp. The seed should be planted no more than inch below the surface and covered lightly with soil.

A second option is to germinate the seeds before planting. This is done very easily and most people have done this in one of their science classes. Now remember back to then and do what your teacher told you. Can't remember? Ok I'll help you. Wet 6 sheets of paper towels, not dripping wet, but damp. Place the sheets in an air tight container or a ziploc bag and place the seeds in the middle so that 3 sheets are on top and 3 are on the bottom. Close your container or bag tightly and place somewhere warm. On top of your monitor or under a radiator will do.

Open the container and fan fresh air in everyday or two. Add water if needed. The seeds should start to grow a root tip in 3 days, but it may take up to a week. When they have grown to an inch it is time to plant. You want to transfer the seeds very carefully because it is in it's most sensitive state. The seed should be planted with the root tip down, no more than an inch deep.

A third option is to grow the plants past germination before planting outdoors. This method is the hardest, but remember what we talked about effort and reward. It requires growing the plants under lights after germination and transferring them outside when they are a few weeks old.

Before transferring the seeds outside you may want to dig out a hole for each of your plants and fill it with your choice of soil. That way you can better control how much water the soil holds and want nutrients your plants are starting with. I would suggest of mixture potting soil, perlite and vermiculite. Plain potting soil from your local superstore will do if you are in an area with poor soil.

Happy Planting.


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