March 3, 2010

Growing Marijuana Outdoors - Looking Around

Have you ever dreamed of stumbling upon a field of marijuana? I know I have, ever since I took that first puff. However, you probably have better chances winning the lotto. You can greatly increase the odds if you create your own pot paradise.

One of the key aspects to outdoor growing is location. The marijuana plant is very hardy and can grow almost anywhere. Ideally you want an area that gets moderate rainfall and sunlight. Small clearings in forests are great because the larger trees will block your plants from being seen.

Make sure the forest is not a popular one or your grow area is deep enough in that no one will find it. Also, you may want to fence off the area with short wire fence, if there already isn't a natural barrier.. This way the local animals will not disturb your plants.

Near a small stream is also a good area.. This eliminates the need to water as the plant gets bigger. Some bad areas are along railroad tracks, a hiking path or corn fields. Corn fields only allow the marijuana plants to get sunlight at noon and if your plants get taller than the corn they will easily be spotted. Also, farmers use fertilizer that may be harmful to your plants.

Another option, if you fear the area has poor soil, is to grow the pot in pots. This has its pros and cons. You will have better control of what goes into the soil, but it will require more watering and attention. Potted plants are also easier to move if need be.

Remember, the key to a good location is secrecy. Don't tell anyone and only visit your plants at night or during the week when you are sure no one will be around. One person seeing you with your plants can lead to jail time. There are risks, but the reward is cheap, homegrown cannabis.

Happy Planting.


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