March 4, 2010

Grinders From Jamullah

Jamullah's Freedom Gift Shop

Jamullah Grinders are cool for a bunch of reasons, but the best place to start is with their price. Each of these grinders are only $18. With a price like that it's hard to believe that these grinders are also awesome in just about every other way too.

These are accessories for true stoners, smokers who take pride in the process of lighting up. At the very least a grinder is useful for easily preparing joints/blunts, helping the weed light easily, and allowing for full vaporization (if you're using a vaporizer). At the most, they can be so much more.

Jamullah grinders are fully functional, and are comparable to the best out there. The one sent to Baked Life was black, but they also come in red and purple. The lid is engraved with Jamullah Fish logo. Each grinder also has three levels.

The first grinds the weed it pieces small enough to fall into the second and middle level. This level has a screen as it's bottom, so that the fine powder, which is a mixture of super finely ground weed and pure THC crystals (kief), can drop into the third level.

A magnetic top and a keef or kief shovel take this grinder into the major leagues. Not to mention Jamullah gives free shovel replacements to buyers and non-buyers alike. Which means you have no reason not to check them out.


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