March 5, 2010

Gay, Marijuana and George Washington?

Marijuana and homosexuality don't really have anything in common, except that America seems to have a strained relationship with them and George Washington might have liked both.

When you look at the two issues together it makes you want to laugh. It makes you think how does America decide what should be illegal. You would laugh, if the reality of the number of people who suffer from these two prohibitions wasn't so... well real.

George Washington would've been a social outcast and likely convict in today's America. According to Huffington Post's Harvey Wasserman, our first president, "definitely" grew hemp, "probably" smoked it, and was "maybe" gay.

In his article, Was George Washington a Gay Pot Smoker, Wasserman also goes on to say, "Today's puritannical "sunshine patriots" seem hell-bent on running our personal lives. But America has never been about that." He's right.

Prohibition has always been a painful farce. Fortunately the persecuted have long found refuge in humor. A tradition Jewish comedians like to take credit for. has decided to fight two birds with one shirt, or something like that. Their funny shirts poke fun at and create social defiance against those who stamp out variety in the name of their own comfortableness.

America has always fought against the idea that people should conform to social oppression and mandatory lifestyle repression. That's what preserving the American tradition is all about. The older our nation get's the more we're loosing focus. We lock up millions of our citizens and what's worse we force many more to live in shame and humiliation.


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