March 12, 2010

Futurola Rolling Machine

Futorola Rolling Machine
Futurola Rolling Machines from

Price: $ 12.00

Rolling Machines are one of the most convenient accessories for pot smokers who enjoy joints, spliffs, etc. For those who can't whip out a wrap and roll one up easily, this makes it easy. Rolling Machines are a time saver. (Especially if you need to get 40 joints ready for the Coachella Music Festival.)

The Futurola Rolling Machine is a great example of how the market for rollers is starting to innovate. Most rollers are pretty plain to look at. Futurola keeps their rollers cheap, and small but it makes them look good too.

Some people might have trouble getting the hang of it at the beginning. Everyone will get it eventually and it's worth the effort.

Futurola Rolling Machine

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