February 12, 2010

Mary Jane's - Anti-Energy Drink

The makers of Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda, aren't hiding that their drinks are named after a famous marijuana maiden. This year they launching their soft drink, and starting a popular new trend for 2010, the "Anti-Energy Drink". Kava extract, the active ingredient, is supposed to calm and relax, which they suppose is better for focusing than the hyped up feeling of energy drinks.

Mary Jane's affects have been likened unto small quantities of alcohol because of how it soothes the mind. The favored comparison however, is to marijuana. The idea that it might be better to calm down to be more productive is definitely a new lifestyle trend in this generation.

Given that it's gained a reputation as being weed in a bottle, it's not surprising that it's gaining a lot of popularity in Southern California. The company may even move operations from it's current pot loving residence in Denver to the Inland Empire, which is near Los Angeles. It's been said though that Kava is hard on the liver so as with all things, enjoy in moderation.

Pot is a lifestyle. After you get your hemp lotion and bracelets, you might be looking for something else to add to your life. In the pursuit of all things that scream "I Love Weed", this drink is right on track. Mary Jane's is a drink for those whose sophisticated stoner style extends into the realm of soft drink selection. It's the peacoat, or the fixed gear bicycle, of the stoner beverage culture.


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